Opened to a Leak, Suggestions

Jun 13, 2011
Hello All,

Very disappointed to say the least. Peeled back the cover to realize the water level in my pool is staggeringly low! It' well below the light and has just a little water in the shallow end. The only place I can imagine a leak allowing it to go that low is on the stairs or the liner toward the bottom.

So, based on this. I'm going to pull my cover back to start opening this weekend. Would it be better to have someone come in to look for the leak before I fill the pool? Or should I try to fill it and get it running, then have them come in and look for it? Never had this one before, so suggestions are more than welcome and needed!


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May 7, 2007
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Make a note of the water level. That is a very important clue when looking for the leak.

It might be best to get things repaired before trying to fill the pool. There are possible complications with the liner, depending on if it shifted or not. Plus with a leak you will constantly be adding water, which will throw your levels off.
Jun 13, 2011
Yeah, that's been my thought process. You just backed up my thinking. No sense throwing money down the drain. In water and chemicals.