Opened last week, here is the store test


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Apr 15, 2008
Midland, Ontario
Done with a biogard drop/computer test.
Note: Bromine pool

Temp: 60
TDS: 275 (no idea what this is)

Sanitizer (br) 1.3
pH: 7.5
TA: 85
CH 125

According to Jason's caluclator, I need 254oz of baking soda, 195 oz calcium chloride. I turned up the brominator to get the sanitizer #s up and will add some bleach too. Its cold this week, so I will probably do it this weekend. Anything else I should be concerned about? Water is nice and clear.


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May 7, 2007
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You don't really need either the baking soda or calcium chloride because you have a vinyl pool. The default goal levels are designed for plaster pools. You will be fine with TA between 70 and 90 and don't need to worry about calcium at all.
Do keep an eye on the pH and TA. Bromine is acidic and your pH and TA will drop over time. When it drops to about 60 ppm then you might want to bump it up a bit.