Opague, Milky Water/ Can't pass OCLT

Apr 1, 2012
After 10 days of slamming, can't pass the OCLT and the water will not clear. Water is a beautiful blue, but so milky that it is opaque. Blue dip net can't be seen beyond 16-18 inches. After removing the cover and testing water 2 weeks ago (which looked like river or lake water from the winter algae) I lowered the ph from 7.6 to 7.2 using muriatic acid before beginning slam. I only mentioned this because I thought it odd that next day the water was already void of green color and turned very light colored from ONLY the addition of the acid. I thought this will be easy. LOL, nope. First time I've been stumped on what to do after following this wonderful forum since 2012. I would also add the an unusual amount of pollen, maple helicopters and tree shed have hit the pool in the last 5 days. I brush every day, pump 24-7 for last 10 days. Backwash when pressure increases 25%, Deep cleaned the sand filter before starting and am using DE powder to the filter (takes only half cup to increase pressure 1 pound) and I can not clear this water. Been through a ton of 10% bleach and now am having to wait on R870 and R871 to arrive after running out. (In this slam timeout, I have added 3inch dichlor pucks to skimmer since CYA reading is low anyway and we were hoping to perhaps explore SWG this season.) This is a new vinyl liner replaced last season AND Cal-hypo (since it was free) was used for awhile at the end of the season. I believe this increased the CH from 170ish last year to 200 this?? Sorry this post is so long, but hoping someone might have a clue as to what is going on here. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I appreciate the help and this forum.
PH 7.3
TA 70 (never been this low before)
FC 9 (was at shock level 12 after dark last night)
CC 1
TC 10
CH 200
CYA 30

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: I say welcome, although it sounds from your post you've been around for while. :) So you've done quite a bit the past few days but seem to be stuck. And you are even more stuck until the new refills arrive. Your numbers look pretty good, and we understand you'll raise the FC back to 12 once the reagents arrive. With everything you've done, is there anything else in the pool that could be harboring algae (ladder, steps, light, etc)? Also curious, are you on a well? I ask because of what you mentioned about the water color changing after adding the acid. Lowering the pH usually helps with iron in the water, so I was just curious.

Besides those things mentioned above, the only other thing that normally holds-up a SLAM is the wrong CYA reading. Some folks mis-read their CYA or don't view the tube outdoors under bright sunlight (at their back) which makes the dot disappear quicker, thereby misleading them to a lower CYA. For example, if your CYA is actually 40, then your FC would be "16". Just a thought.

So until your reagents arrive, try to keep with the routine as best as you can with careful bleach additions that won't exceed your SLAM level by too much for your liner. We'll look for more updates once you can re-test and start the SLAM again. Nice to have you with us.
Apr 1, 2012
Thanks for the welcome and feedback Pat! There is nothing in the pool yet, haven't added the ladder. (Just the excessive pollen and tree shed which should be over in a few days) On public water and not a well. So this extreme cloudiness must be algae still? I was hoping for another possibility. I suppose I will try again when I receive the reagents and assume the cya is higher and keep on charging ahead. The CYA is so objective and I have tested for it several times this season. Wish there was a more accurate method.