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Sep 10, 2007
Gloucester County, NJ
I just went to the site and found that there is also an 8 gallon liquidator. Is there any reason why I shouldn't consider getting this one vs. the 4 gallon one for a ~ $40 difference? It seems that it would further reduce maintenance.

Also, for those of you familiar with setting one up, I currently have rainbow (i believe) trichlor puck chlorinator that was connected in via black flex tubing. It seems to me that all I should need to do is connect the flex tubes to the Liquidator and away I go.

One last question, this is only my second season with my pool. Should I hold off and try "standard" BBB before trying to "automate"? (The first season with our pool was very short as it was being built last summer. I'll get pictures in once we get the landscape complete and get the thing open next month).


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May 4, 2007
I went with the 4 gal model instead due to size (footprint ) on my equip pad and I was afraid of the FL sun eating away the CL outside. I did make a box to cover and have not had issue with CL degradation but I also have not gone through a complete summer yet, so I do not know what happens in constant 90 deg weather.

As long as the tubing is the same size and same location as the liquidator, I see no issue other than not seeing the liquid pass in the tubing.

I do not see any issue with automating BBB by using the liquidator. I would suggest testing the water daily and adjust the flow rate until you get used to your pool needs. I can see some one getting into trouble by setting the liquidator up and then forgetting to keep on eye on it.