One Year Anniversary!


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Mar 20, 2011
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jumped on TFP this morning to scope things out. Spring is in the air and I'm getting pool fever. Still too early to open though. Dang! After poking around some topics I realized that I joined TFP one year ago today. I was quite intimidated by my TF-100 kit and even more apprehensive to take control of my pool away from the pool store. With all your help and a boatload less money my water was the best ever! Thanks to all who nursed me along. Looking forward to another great pool seaon with TFP.


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May 4, 2011
I remember when I stumbled on this site in 2010, I didn't switch to BBB until last season. I'm so mad that I waited :rant:

Two or three weeks in to BBB I realized that when I thought I knew a little about what I was doing, dealing with the pool store I hadn't a clue! My FC levels were probably far too low for an entire season. Maybe the algaecide was working :hammer:
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