One of four venturi jets clogged, need help


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May 28, 2019
Miami, FL
Hi all,

Following a pool remodel from heck where we redid the spa plumbing, one of the four new venturi jets doesn't return water. Seems to be clogged, now I'm not sure if this was plumbed originally and it was clogged prior to the remodel and the PB just extended the lines or of this line is new. Before involving my PB I want to try to fix it already, because if the PB has to open the deck again and we realize this jet was there and it wasn't working I'm going to have to pay for that repair and I don't to.

So here's the deal, the 3rd venturi jet blows VERY little water, and no air. If the pump at highest and only the spa working: If blow air through the air path with a shop vac both jets on the right blow air just fine. If I block the furthest right jet, little air blows from the non working on, and then water shoots up throw the air intake. I ran clothes hanger in there and I don't feel anything, so it looks air can travel to it, but not enough water. The water pressure on all the other three jets is very strong, so I don't think its a pressure thing.

Anyone has any ideas? A snake maybe?

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