Once installed, can (new) shaft seals be removed and re-used?


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Apr 9, 2013
Columbia, SC
In trying to troubleshoot an angry sounding pump motor, my first instinct was to replace the shaft seal (which helped the same issue several years ago). Paid the highway robbery price of $45 for the seal replacement kit at a local Leslie's (shipping from everywhere else is exceedingly slow these days), spent the 2 hours installing the shaft seal, put it back together, and the sound was actually a bit worse. Yay! I'm thinking it must be the bearings at this point, something I am not willing to do myself (don't have the tools, the parts, or the patience).

So...I ordered a new motor, picking it up today. Now wondering if I can re-use the seal I just bought literally 3 days ago with the new motor? I know the surface of those things are quite delicate, so not sure if a new motor install makes a difference there? Inyo Pools outright said I needed a new seal, but thought I would get a second opinion here.



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Dec 13, 2018
Orlando, FL
I have never replaced a shaft seal on a pool pump motor. I have replaced shaft seals on other pumps and motors. It is possible to reuse, but you have to be extremely careful in the removal of the seal. Also, you have to ensure there was no damage caused to the seal by the running pump with bad bearings. You should be able to visually inspect this. If it is still nice and shiny with no scratches you should be good to go. Good luck! Let us know the results.


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Mar 2, 2011
You don't have to remove the seal when you replace the motor.

One half of the seal stays in the seal plate and the other half stays on the impeller.

You have to take the impeller off of the threaded shaft, but you don't have to touch the seal.