OmniLogic with Two Ecostar pumps


Mar 22, 2017
Mesa, AZ
Hello all,

I just completed a project installing a second Ecostar pump and two Jandy valves with actuators to two waterfalls. I have the new pump and actuators wired to my OmniLogic panel.

With the new Ecostar pump connected to the OmniLogic, it doesn't see the HUA for either pump. Stealing an image from another post (thanks hardrock197), I connected the new pump to positions 2 and 3 (right to left) on connector 1 in the image. Position 2 goes to COMBUS 7 on the pump and position 3 goes to COMBUS 8. My main filter pump (also an Ecostar) is connected to connector 2 and it works fine as long as the new pump is not connected.

Any ideas?



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Jul 7, 2014
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If anything like the Pentair automation, the new pump can't have the same RS-485 address as the old pump..

That said, I know squat about OmniLogic automation.. ☹

Let's see if we can get some of our Hayward members to chime in..


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Mar 22, 2017
Mesa, AZ
The only thing I can think of is the cable. It's a 125ft between the OmniLogic panel and the new Ecostar pump. I didn't use shielded cable. I used multi-conductor sprinkler cable carrying the 6 conductors for the two valve actuators and the 2 conductors for the BUS connection to the Ecostar. Does this really matter? The pump knows it's connected to a panel cause the display on the pump says 'Remote Control'.


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Jul 18, 2015
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Although RS-485 can be successfully transmitted using multiple types of media, it should be used with twisted pair. Given that distance of 125 ft, you should really try to use Cat5 or some other twisted pair wire and see if you get different results.


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Jun 15, 2011
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Hayward VSP pumps have a built in HUA (Hayward Unique Address) so thankfully no dip switches etc to set. The Omnilogic should auto detect the HUA’s in config mode and let you select which HUA does what. You normally have to select the pump address box to get a full list of all the detected HUAs.

Up to 16 pumps can be connected to the low speed bus (no idea why they didn’t use the full 30 that an RS485 bus can handle).

You can check the com bus status from the pump diagnostic menu (Com Bus Online Address:xx). You can also see everything on the bus in the Omnilogic Config menu -> System Info

The Wiki is here and covers some items on the wiring of pumps:

The troubleshooting guide can be handy too. You might try clearing the Device Discovery table for example.

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