OmniLogic TCell 15 temp notifications


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May 8, 2017
Smyrna GA
I have a new OmniLogic system. It's not that great in my opinion from a usability perspective. I've been getting about 100 emails a day saying my T cell temp is too high. Half are high and the other half are cleared messages. The water temp is 78 but the cell is like 120. How do I stop this? Pump is on high 2 hours and on low 9 hours a day. Cell is a T-15. And no the answer those 9-5 techs at Hayward gave me is not acceptable. They said "just turn the notifications off".


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May 19, 2010
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I thought the water temp that the cell reads was used in the equations to estimate the salt level? Mine has a water temp sensor reading and the cell temp reading.

Sure sounds like something is not working correctly.

Automation is one area where very few members have experience to help troubleshoot.