Omnilogic No Water Flow Timeout FlowSenor Alarm


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Apr 20, 2017
Northridge, CA
I'm new to this website and was hoping to find some answers and suggestions to better educate myself on the Hayward Omnilogic control panel. Presently there is an Alarm displayed on the Omnilogic display screen stating "No Water Flow Timeout FlowSenor AUTO". Has anyone ran into this condition and if so what were the resolutions taken to resolve the alarm? Thank you



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Jun 3, 2015
Welcome to the forum!

I'm not too familiar with the Omnilogic, but I thought I would give your thread a friendly bump to get some attention.



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Jun 15, 2011
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I have Omnilogic and I typically see this alarm when the pump has been trying to prime for too long. The flow sensor is taken from normally from the P-KIT which is installed with the Salt Cell.

As I recall the system ignores the flow sensor for certain amount of time that it expects a pump to have primed.

Basics are:

1. Make sure you actually have water flow (P-KIT requires 14 to 15 GPM flow before it will trip, so if you are using a Variable speed pump you have to set the RPM high enough. I found that on mine 600 rpm was too low and I had to go to 1000rpm. A FlowVis comes in handy here).

2. Check to ensure the wiring from the P-KIT actually goes to the OMNILOGIC board to the proper connector. If this is a new install, make sure it is plugged into the correct jack, FLOW 1 as I recall).

3. Go into Service mode and check the Flow switch input there.

4. Ensure you have at least a 12” of straight pipe run beforethe flow switch. If the switch is plumbed after the cell, the cell can be counted as the 12” (30cm) of straight pipe.

5. Ensure that the arrow on the flow switch points in the direction of water flow, it is directional. I’ve seen people put this all away in the winter (using unions) and reinstall it backwards in the new year.

Usually the error is caused by priming (pump has been running too long and no water has flowed) but other times it’s not enough RPM to trip the sensor.

According to the manual “If no flow is detected for more than 20 minutes, the OmniLogic will shut down the pool pump and will indicate an error. The error will be cleared the next time the pump is turned on.”.



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Oct 11, 2017
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Thanks, Tim - I thought when I originally configured the Omni I did so without the T-Cell. T-Cell is now online and everything is working as expected. I appreciate the help!