Omnilogic Lighting - Can I operate 3 pool lights independently ?


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Feb 25, 2017
Celina, Texas
Building a pool and have 2 in pool lights, a spa light and an additional light in the grotto. I know I can operate the spa and pool lights independently, but can I also set it up to operate the grotto light a different color than the pool and spa lights? I've asked the builder, but he says no, but I don't think he really knows.


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Dec 19, 2017
Pearland, TX
Very late to answer this question but I wanted to answer in case anyone else searches this. I am in the beginning of my pool build and waiting for my electric and gas re-routes to be completed but i had the very same question for my PB. I will be using the Iaqualink 4 function system which he says we can use the solar relay as a 5th function. I wanted my spa/pool/grotto light all independent. Each light will take up a function so i had to kick out the blower and put it on a switch. Also each light function requires a separate transformer. With this set up I will be able to control the pool/spa/grotto separate. I am way over budget so that is the reason i did not upgrade to the 6 or 8 function aqualink controllers.

*Correction* I ended upgrading the RS-6, put all my lights on one aux, put the blower on an aux, and made room for a stenner pump.

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