Omnilogic Air Temperature and forecast display - Mine or 3rd party weather service?


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Sep 30, 2021
In short -- Where is Omnilogic pulling the displayed temperature and weather conditions from? And where do I see the reading from my actual air temperature sensor that controls freeze protect?

Right now for my system:

In the Omnilogic iphone app, in the upper left corner of the screen it shows a Sunny icon and temperature of 58 degrees.
In the web portal, it shows Sunny icon and temperature of 58 degrees along with a week's forecast data.
On the main LCD display on my Omnilogic panel, it shows a Partly Cloudy icon and 58 degrees "air" temperature.

It appears this data is coming from some outside weather service, NOT from my air temperature sensor.
If so, where do I find the air temperature reading from my actual air temperature sensor? And why don't all three agree?

I looked through the operation manual and it is not clear what it is showing. Thanks!

Update: I found in the installation manual under configuration wizard a reference to zip code which does confirm this is an internet based weather forecast: "Zip Code - This is used to display the current weather if the OmniLogic is connected to the internet. Select the box, then input your zip code. Touch the Advance button when finished."

But still looking for how to show the air temperature from the sensor.

Update 2: Under 'history' of the portal, there is a graph showing historical "air" temperature vs. water temperature. Is this "air" temperature reference coming from my temperature sensor, or is this also tied to the internet based weather?
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