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Feb 18, 2017
Rockledge, FL
We are replacing our 16 year old AquaLogic with an OMNI-PL system in about 2 weeks. Reason for replacement is continuous problems with SWG chlorine production due to the known problems w/ the AQL board and their solder joints - I'm aware of the fix, etc. - I am just tired of doing it - our Chlorine production bounces up and down / week to week --- and yes, I've checked the cell at the pool store numerous times... it always tests OK - regardless, it's still under warranty. New AQL boards are becoming hard to find, and we want phone/app control anyway... so with the OmniPL going on sale here in a couple weeks, we pulled the trigger. All in we are at about $2500 including installation/tax.

Current system is below, (it's in clean mode so the valves look a bit wonky, sorry - more on that below)

Left side suction, actuator for Pool/Spa suction select. Inputs are skimmer/drain and cleaner.

Right side output, actuator for Pool/Spa discharge select. Outputs are spa (for spillover), pool and a water fountain.

Actuator in back is for solar.

3 actuators total installed in the old AQL system. Input select, output select, solar.

so, pretty basic system really - 17000 gallon pool, w/ integrated Spa, TriStar VS950 VSP, T-15 SWG, Solar and a Sta-Rite SR333 spa heater.

One thing the wife really wanted was automation of the cleaning process. This would involve adding an actuator on the cleaner input to the pump, IN ADDITION TO the main drain and skimmer.

>> the way our system was designed, and how I operate it -- is that when the cleaner is used, the following process is followed: (1) turn system off. Connect cleaner hose/cleaner to suction input on pool wall. Turn skimmer pump valve input OFF. "Throttle" main drain valve to ~50% open/shut. Fully open cleaner suction valve. Turn system on. Cleaner functions fine (once suction corrected). The picture shows the valve setup in clean "mode". (we do have a "clean" setting on the AQL remote, but all it does is turn the pump on high speed in Pool mode --- nothing else).

Note that we use a hose/crawler type cleaner that connects to a suction input on the side of the pool wall. We only hook up the cleaner when it is required - it stays in out of the pool/disconnected from the suction when not in use.

The second thing the wife really wanted was automation of the water feature/fountain. This would involve adding and actuator on the pump output pipe to the fountain. This I think would be fairly easy.

Reading through the OmniPL manual, it states that the system only supports 4 valve actuators.

I'd like to hear some ideas on what the best way forward would be in regards to our "cleaning" cycle.

>>> If that answer is "not possible" --- i am good with that.

The only way I see this working for "CLEANER" mode is to add THREE valve actuators ---- one to the cleaner (pump) input to open it, one to the skimmer (pump) input to shut it, and one to the main drain (pump) input to "throttle it".






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Jul 21, 2013
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Buy a robot cleaner. You will have a cleaner pool and happier wife.

Call Margaret at Marina Pool & Spa in Colorado.
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Apr 14, 2013
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I just upgraded my 8 year old ProLogic 8 system to the OmniPL yesterday for similar reasons. I paid $2450 installed ($1800 for the system, $650 for install). My ProLogic system died last week and I got tired of replacing boards or whatever else was needed. Plus, the aquapod remote was slow and kludgy. I absolutely love the new OmniPL - have the mobile app and it's hooked up to my Google Home. I just hope it lasts longer than the ProLogic and my previous EcoStar pump - replaced drive unit twice, now I have the TriStar VS950.

I can second what ajw22 said. I know it doesn't answer your original question. You might be able to add more valve actuators to the OmniLogic system, but not sure if the OmniPL supports that type of expansion.

I used to do my pool vacuuming as you do - putting in the vacuum, plugging in to the wall port, changing the valves manually, making sure no air was sucked in, etc. Then taking it all out and resetting the valves. It was a pain. I have no intention of leaving a cleaner in my beautiful pool all of the time, so I would do it weekly, often vacuuming manually.

I finally caved and bought a robot pool cleaner from Marina Pools (Maytronics Active A20) and love it. Way easier to put in and take out of the pool, but the bigger thing is that it cleans much, much better. It's nice that it's not tied to the pool pump or system at all. Completely independent and can be run whenever I need it.