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Jun 18, 2016
We left our pool filled over the winter, the cover tore and fell into the pool. Hubby is not concerned with replacing it. As you can imagine it was pretty gross when we decided to start opening it the other day.:D We were not able to completely drain it but we got all but a few inches of the BLACK water out, oh and also an overflowing wheelbarrow full of leaves. So now I have a very foggy green pool with dead and dying mosquito babies in it.

We took a sample of water to Leslie's (I'm aware I should be doing my own tests but that's not an option right now)
the results:
FC 0
TC 0
Salt 1300
CH 200
TA 90
pH 8
Acid 2
Copper/Iron 0

Husband put in almost a gallon of Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid in this evening (after test) we are running the filter without the SWG
What should we do next? He should be buying something for CYA tomorrow after work. We are going to get Clorox brand pool and spa stabilizer unless you guys suggest something else.

I appreciate any and all advice you can give me!



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Jul 10, 2012
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Hi! We can help you clear the pool up but, as you said, you need a test kit of your own. Our cleaning method depends on many tests each day then adding the chlorine needed to get and keep the FC (free chlorine) level up at algae killing levels. Here is the process we use:

Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain

This is a process. Not a one day and done thing. It works great and will be worth it in the end.

Once you get your pool clear here is what you need to know to keep it that way:

Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

:hug: I can't wait to hear it is clear!



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Jun 7, 2011
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Welcome to TFP!

If you spend the money on a kit right now, it will pay for itself with one or maybe two avoided trips to the pool store. The SLAM process we suggest can't be done taking your samples in for testing either, mostly because it isn't practical. TFPC's primary goal is not to save money, but it almost always saves people a great deal.

See the link below for some inspiration and insight from a 14 year loyal Leslies customer. He's made the conversion to TFPC, and he is just one of the first of many we will see this summer. Its the same thing every year, and we love helping people achieve it.

14 years of pool stores and failure...