older TRITON brand high rate sand filter - need help!


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Jun 4, 2010
Bacground info as follows: Bought my house last year... built in 1917... they added a 40,000 gallon cement pool in 1952... records show cement on the bottom is 5 feet thick... very well constructed and has held up well throughout the years. House sat unsold for 2 years... pool was not used for at least 3 years... we have spent $10,000 on repair of pool structure (added skimmer, etc.), painting, and on and on... Though very highly recommended, our pool guy is a bit of a flake and it is still not open. Added a Salt Water chlorinator, etc., and asked him if he cleaned the filter... he said he was "afraid to open it". Now I cannot "open" the pool with a clear conscience... can't yet find someone to check it for us... would like to service it ourself if possible. Alot of info is "worn off" the unit but it is a pressurized Triton MSF cert High Rate sand filter for swimming pools for residential or public use... also says pac-fab, and uses silica sand and pea gravel... it is pressurized... it hasn't been cleaned or opened for at least 3 years... any thoughts????

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Jun 22, 2009
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You may not have to open it. A good backwash might be all that's needed. Sand filters a really good about cleaning themselves of debris.

I'd go ahead and get everything running and see what needs handling if it doesn't work. You might be surprised how good it all works.