Old school Hayward 244t with organic sand, is this outdated for an indoor pool?


Jul 23, 2021
New Haven CT
Hi group, newbie here, have some big problems after 3 years of no pool, my GF has a home in CT with this 39x13x5' indoor pool. After many repairs the water was filled about 2 months ago with only a week of use.
Got a pool guy out who was really pushing a filter swap to a DE and wondered what you all think. I see that DE is a pool guy's dream as there is a lot of cleaning of the membranes etc......

So is this a scam or a real solution to our cloudy water.... Thanks David
ps. I have a lot of steps and chemicals but I didn't want to go into such details unless you need it.


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May 11, 2021
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Sand filters are the slowest filters to filter particles from the water. They are are fairly easy and inexpensive to maintain .
DE filters are the fastest filters to filter particles from the water. They are a bit more expensive to maintain.
Cartridge filter are in the middle. They have to be washed every once in a while and cartridges have to be replaced every after 5-10 years. They also deteriorate faster filtering some types of chemicals and oils.

Adding DE to a Sand filter can improve its filtration a little, but it wont be as fast as DE. See Add DE to a Sand Filter - Trouble Free Pool

Now to the topic of cloudiness.... it is usually caused by algae, chemical imbalance or due to addition of some chemicals.
Could you describe how you care for your pool and how you test your water?


Jul 23, 2021
New Haven CT
Hello AK,
I am not a pool person I'm 100% new to this world, after all the repairs she finally got to the point of filling this pool in mid-June within 4-5 days we started seeing the metal ring on the vinyl liner waterline... Started working on that with metal removers and all that goes with that. The last chemical was Sparkle up then we saw a cloudy pool.

In CT. all the pool companies are booked the two companies who did the repairs and liner would not offer any weekly service. This is the main problem, so being newbies started with test strips running water to Leslie's and a science lab in town for well water testing. A month later I wondered about the sand since it was old she bought zeolite sand. My GF was angry about the back-washing so I stopped short of the time I wanted to do it. I did see some cloudiness right off but nothing like what the water ended up like in 24 hours.

That moved us into the next phase of more back-washing, more trying to remove the green water. We did a lot of research, tried many chemicals and filtering decided to remove the zeolite.

In the last week or so we bought organic sand and this time I checked about 2lbs in a 5 gallon bucket for dust and cloudiness and this was much better, except even after a long backwash/rinse I saw cloudiness the next day again... Up to this point we've flocked the pool 3x 1st two saw a lot of sediment now not so much the last time a few days ago saw nothing.

We started noticing some slime on the walls, going back over the tests we noticed the phosphates were high so in the last few days we've been working on reducing that and I do see some improvement. This is after the one pool guy came by and said to switch to a DE filter he said this was a filter problem not chemicals and this cloudiness will be gone in 12 hours if we buy a DE from him, but he wouldn't back that up with his wallet.

Our basic tests are all within range except the 1500-3800 phosphates this is a bromine pool so we don't have cyanuric acid.... Back to my original question is the Sand filter ancient relic that is no good or is the pool guy a hardcore salesman.
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May 26, 2020
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indoor 13k gallon pool, Hayward 244t sand filter not sure on the pump we have a robot cleaner machine vinyl liner

If you take some picture of the equipment, I am sure a few eagle eyed members here would be able to identify what you have.


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May 16, 2010
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Sounds like your pool has algae and needs to be NUKED! With a chlorine pool this would be a SLAM but not sure how you would do this with a bromine pool. Get your chemistry sorted out before you start changing equipment - your sand filter should be fine.
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