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May 11, 2012
I had originally posted below in 2012. Not much has changed other than the pool may have only been open 1 year or so since I posted. The photos attached are from 2013. As you can see the pool stained a bit between when I acid washed in 2010 and the photos in 2013. Apparently I didn't care much. I just drained it, maybe pressure washed, and filled it back up. It's just so hard to keep it clean with the very rough surface (even rougher after acid washing). When it's open I run the filter just about 24/7 which drives up the cost a bit.

I think I may not have posted pictures last time (sorry).

In Maine we don't have many pool plaster companies and the ones we have are quite expensive compared to the south.

A previous owner took off the tiles at water level, probably after some popped. If I find an economical solution, I might either tile or.. I don't know.

Anyone have any suggestions that won't cost an arm and a leg. I was thinking of an epoxy paint, but searching the site it doesn't sound like paints "these days" work very well. I'm still searching for a "clear coat", but I'm thinking it doesn't exist. I stuck with BBC the last time the pool was open and it went okay. But due to the winter, it just gets SO gross I just about have to drain the swamp.

From 2012:
We bought a house 4 years ago with a gunite pool. We are in Maine, so we only get to use it for 3 months or so a year. The limited use period, limited funds, and limited interest in the pool doesn't lead us to want to put too much money into the pool.

The pool is approx 30 years old. The gunite is fairly pitted/rough and is a great place for algae to grow. Integrity of the gunite is fair. We have only had the pool open 1 of the 4 years we have been here, due to the algae growth/stains. I was "okay" with the pool chemicals, but not religious. 2 years ago, I drained, acid washed, pressure washed, and it was bright white. I was ready to expoxy paint... then it rained for what seemed like 40 days and I didn't paint. Now with other house projects, I can't bring myself to spend $1500+ on epoxy paint. Plus, with our very high water table, I fear the epoxy application may fail.

Pool wasn't used last year and has completely filled with "natural water". I plan on draining and pressure washing. Probably won't acid wash as I don't want to eat through to much gunite.

Now, my question!
1) Should staying on a very strict BBC program keep the gunite fairly "white".
2) If BBC isn't enough, is there any clear sealant for gunite pools that would deter growth? I'd rather not paint, as I don't want it to peel. I'd LOVE to find a sealant that may slowly degrade, but not peel. I'm thinking of some sort of masonry sealer.

Any help/thought is appreciated.



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Jul 21, 2013
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Nice to see you again Seth. Your pool seems to have done pretty good over 7 years. No one has yet invented a magic coating to rejuvenate old plaster. I think you should just keep on enjoying your pool the way it is until something forces you to replaster. In the mean time you have time to save up for the plaster job.

You are welcome to hang around here or you can check in again in 2026. I suspect the lights will still be on and doors open.
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Jul 10, 2012
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Enjoy what you have!! One thing you can do to help with keeping the water clear is to keep your FC at the upper level for you FC/CYA ratio making sure it never go below the min amount. That and brushing the pool is your best bet while you save your pennies for new plaster. I would not waste your time or money on anything else as it may do more harm than good.

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May 11, 2012
Well that helps and I can't complain about advise that says "you're good for now"! We'll open the pool this spring and enjoy it the way it is!

I'll continue to linger around some more. Thanks again!