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May 27, 2019
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We have a gated neighborhood. 12 houses and a neighborhood pool. Several of the owners have taken the DHEC class required to care for the pool which is under their rules because its a neighborhood pool. Its a salt water pool and we have come up with a list of chemicals to buy to get started. Where would be the best place to purchase these? Is it beneficial to purchase them all in one place or should we shop each chemical? Thanks


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Jan 17, 2012
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Welcome Tanker Toad :)
We primarily focus on residential pools with owner water testing. You are under the jurisdiction of the public health department and their rules, which sometimes are quite different from residential home pools.
ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

First I have to ask- what are you using to test the water??? We believe you should have a test kit that contains the FAS-DPD chlorine tester, which tests chlorine up to 50ppm. Along with that you'll need a Salt Water Test kit... no strips for this pool! Go for the Taylor K-1766 kit. You can buy close to home at www.tftestkits.net as they ship out of NC.

Next I'd ask you what chemicals do you need as most of ours come from the grocery or hardware store?

Next up- the problematic ones-->

Some other helpful links-
FC/CYA Chart

I hope you find this useful. Holler back with questions, ok?

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