Old Hayward

May 11, 2015
Tampa, FL
I have what I'm assuming is a first edition Hayward Navigator. It's gotta be about 15 years old. I inherited it with a house a purchased a couple years ago, and it's worked well. Now, it's getting a bit floaty in the front end. It will run nice and smooth along the bottom, but when it hits the wall, it will do a wheelie and float backwards for 5 or 6 feet, until it eventually reengages with the pool bottom. It also does this when it's running straight uphill from the deep end to the shallow end. It will start slowing down a bit, and the front end will lift right off the bottom. Any ideas on what could be causing that?


LifeTime Supporter
Aug 19, 2014
Pacific NW
I had a navigator at my last house and the current one, what it sounds like is maybe there is still some air in it.

Be sure to really give it a good couple rolls upside down and sideways after attaching the first house
to purge all air bubbles.