Old Gunite Pool - Repair Plaster - refinish


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Apr 8, 2020
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Ok so here we go...I am new here, thanks for all help in advanced.

Bought the house three years ago, just now getting to the pool. I work for a home builder and a client gave me their new-ish pool equipment. I have some good understanding of basic concrete/mortar work.
  1. Started by pumping out the pool, power washed and cleared.
  2. Chipped away all "delaminated plaster". Walked thru with a small hammer to find compromised areas.
  3. Acid washed delaminated areas.
  4. Patched all areas with hydraulic cement mixed with a bonding agent.
  5. I have grinded down the patched areas and some of the existing plaster...planning to acid wash before my next move
This is where I am now at. I have a pool that is all patched up. Most of the old plaster still remains, but is not in the best shape. It was beaded plaster and is pretty rough to the touch.

My next move is where I am looking for advice, I would like to completely coat over the pool:
  • One of the pool companies I use on my new homes has suggested skim coating (2 coats) with basecrete. This would waterproof the whole shell. From there he suggested that I use a latex paint
    • Problems - I dont see this application of basecrete (on top of plaster) in any videos/articles online
  • I have researched a product called "sider-crete". We would do two coats. This looks more like a plaster product. I have seen videos where they followed similar method that I followed on an existing pool. It has really good reviews on amazon also ha!

What do you all think, does anyone know anything about these products? Let me know if you have any advice or suggested path forward! Here is a picture before I patched and chipped away.

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Jan 19, 2015
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A sound substrate is the key to the new finish, (paint, plaster, of waterproof coating) lasting and not delaminating. This means the existing surface must not only be clean but also hard. In many cases the original plaster may be soft and start to flake. Trying to bond to soft plaster will result in failure no matter what product is used as a top coating. The application of paint would not require basecrete first as pool paints are waterproof. I would not advise this method but is less expensive than replaster.


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May 16, 2010
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Sider-crete is basically stucco - meant for walls and decks. I don't know how well it would work for a pool finish, painted or not. You won't find much support for paint finishes on this forum. Sounds like you've gone to a lot of trouble to clean up the existing surface (the rougher the better). A new plaster coat shouldn't need any additional waterproofing under it, just a surface bond coat.