Old fiberglass on gunite, replacement options?


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Apr 24, 2016
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Our gunite pool was built in the early 70's and eventually it was fiberglassed in the 90's. However, it doesn't appear the fiberglass extended to the coping rather it terminated below the waterline tile edge. As anyone can imagine, it appears to leak through the waterline tile and may well leak elsewhere (I've already fixed a serious leak in one of the suction lines). The fiberglass is otherwise in decent condition for its age although there is some blistering in a few spots. The original floor drain appears due to a lack of flow to have been abandoned, but it's unclear exactly how it was abandoned.

We are anticipating a sizable construction project near the pool which will involve moving all of the pool equipment to a different location and likely replacing the pool decking (salt finish concrete slab) at the end of the pool where a skimmer and the light well are currently. Both of the skimmers have clearly been replaced at some point but I would like to replace them again to provide larger pipe diameter home runned to the new equipment pad as well as providing fixable weirs and baskets. Additionally, it would be nice to add or replace the existing single old school light at the end of the pool with new ones down the sides.

Am I stuck with fiberglass or does it make any sense to remove the fiberglass and re plaster (quartz, etc.) the pool? What are the gotchas I need to watch for in considering either?

Here is a photo of the waterline tile where the tiles have popped off:


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May 16, 2010
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A lot of people replaced their plaster finish with fiberglass. Unfortunately, I guess 1 in 10 got the job done properly. You can read all of the ad-copy from these companies on the internet - it even smells fishy! Fiberglass (well, gel-coat) blisters and cracks and is expensive to repair, if you can even find someone to do the job properly. It's not cheap, either.

Given all the other repairs/renovations you're doing, I'd tear out the fiberglass and replace it with a good plaster finish. It can be done and will last as long as, if not longer, than fiberglass.
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