OKC- pool repair/renovation recommendations


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Jun 22, 2017
The flagstone coping and exterior tiles have started coming off of our 12' spa/spool. The flagstone coping has been eroding away and probably should all be replaced instead of just replacing these pieces that have fallen off. Any recommendations of companies in the OKC area that do this kind of work? Or ones we should stay away from? The spa/spool came with our house, we did not build it, so we are not familiar with any of the pool builders in the area. Any recommendations on coping materials? It's a saltwater spa/spool. Should we stay away from stone since we've already seen issues with it flaking off, or is this just an indication the previous owner didn't have it sealed? Thanks!



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Jul 16, 2012
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Some stone flakes and some doesn't. Neither is affected at the level of concentration in saltwater in pools. In TX/OK, there is lot of talk about salt causing stone damage, but scarce to no evidence. More just an inherent propensity for the stone to flake by it's nature. Hopefully others can give you thoughts on what stone in that area has been good for them. And also on some PB's to do your work.

As a side note, dinosaurs can be very damaging to the pool hardscape.