ok, how many gallons is it!


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Apr 17, 2010
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According to pool calculator, when I punch in my 16x32 x4 OVAL pool, it calculates 13,700 gallons. Is this a booboo?

According to the printout I got from the pool store where I purchased, on their chemical test printout, it list 12, 083 gallons.

A chart I found on waterwarehouse lists calculations as length x width x depth x 5.9 = gallons capacity which works out to the T @ 12,083

Which is correct? This may be how I initially got my TA too high by using the 13,700 figure. I have attached the chart if it helps anyone.




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Mar 13, 2009
In your case I would use the lower of the 2 for a couple of weeks and see if your numbers are closer to reality. We all have to make minor adjustments using the pool calculator. This is due to variables like true water depth at the time of the sample, and imperfections in the pool itself.


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Jan 6, 2010
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You're gonna have to figure it out by trial and error. Strictly by measurement and calculation, you'd have to deduct for things like stairs and radiused corners, and add for what's in the lines and filter. If you overshoot, go lower by a thousand gallons. If you undershoot after that, add 500. Next time, half the difference again. Luckily, our target numbers are a range, not accurate to 3 decimal places.

I'd figure low for things like pH adjustments and high for chlorine until I got it right.


Neither chart is accurate to the gallon :-D They are all ways to get close, but not be 100% accurate, as no two pools are exactly the same (unless you have a Fibreglas pool that came from a mold!). Like Richard said, get close and then work your way to a bit more accurate as you go. In this case, like horseshoes and hand grenades, close is (somewhat!) good enough!

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