Official 2020 Pool Critters Thread


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Jul 2, 2014
Athens, GA - USA
They don't bother me. I just feel bad they they wasted so much time and energy testing the waters. Other than maybe a cool sip, they arn't going to find much they like there.

Jeff J.

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Aug 6, 2019
Staten Island NY
@Jeff J. , you should see my decking. Currently covered in dead fire ants. Anytime we get hot dry weather followed by rain, they sprout wings, fly up in the air, mate, and then fall back down.
I actually do get swarms of winged black ants floating in my pool once or twice a year. They don't bite, though. Fire ants, yikes!

Oh, and I did sadly find a dead opossum and three babies, I guess from her pouch, floating under my solar cover a couple of weeks ago. I keep my yard lights on all night now, so hopefully there won't be a repeat.