off the wall heating idea


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May 21, 2009
Off the wall heating idea

I don’t know if anything like this would work, but im kicking around the idea so hear goes.

My pool is only a 15’ x 52”, small backyard , round aboveground , the pump is a Hayward 2 speed ¾hp. with a 150lb. sand filter .

With a new roof just installed on my home I really didn’t want to put solar panels on the roof, so I thought why not go inside ,the attic ceiling was over 140 degrees this summer .

I was thinking of running 2” pvc from the return on the sand filter to a valve , so the water could be diverted directly to the pool or to my idea. Going around the pool under the deck to the side of the house ,up the wall 12 feet then into the attic, at that point a “ manifold “ taking the 2” into four ½ inch lines, ( aluminum would have the least resistance to heat)
Going between the roof beams (22” on mine) attach the panels to the ceiling ,they would be approximately 20” x 48” and each one would have around 120 feet of pipe ( 30 coils up and down) then all four lines coming together into another manifold to 2” pvc back down the wall to the pool. When it gets to cold attach an air hose to a coupler and blow all the water out of the lines.

To take this one step further, why couldn’t you run over to the homes heater ( mine is gas) going inside the heaters exhaust vent tube , most of these are only 8” so might go ahead and change to a 16” then put a coil in this , you are heating your home anyway and all that heat is just wasted .

Just some food for thought, like to hear some thought on this, booster pumps needed ,etc.


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Aug 18, 2009
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I'm not qualified to say whether the attic heat would transfer well to your pool water, so I'll just comment from a "peace of mind" perspective. I would be VERY nervous about running pressurized pool water piping into my attic. Imagine no one is home for, say, eight hours, and a leak develops in one of the lines in your attic. Now think about the virtually unlimited water supply in your pool. I don't know about you, but the heating $$ saved would start to look like a really bad bargain to me... Oh, and I bet your insurance company would hang up on you :shock:

Just my dos centavos.


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Apr 4, 2007
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Cooling the exhaust of your heating system is a bad idea. As the gases cool, they may start coming back down the stack.

Regardless, if it's cool enough that you need to heat your house, you aren't going to want to swim no matter how warm the water is.


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Dec 3, 2009
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It takes a tremendous amount of BTUs to heat water. You would be hard pressed to extract enough heat from an attic to even a fraction of the heat needed into the pool.
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