Off Level by 10”


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Jul 6, 2018
I bought a 22 foot x 52 inch Coleman and set it up yesterday. I started filling it and now I see it is 10” off level!! I called a landscaping company to see if they could come out and level the area and they are booked out at least 6 weeks. Their suggestion was to partially fill it so I can float and enjoy the last 6 weeks of this season. How high can I fill it before it is too much pressure on the low side?


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Jun 18, 2016
SW, Iowa
That much out of level, I'd have to say not at all.

No way you can ever fill it far enough to run the pump so the pool is going to turn green in a couple days. Out of level even a couple inches puts tremendous stress on the pool frame and can cause it to bend and break or the liner to rip, 22'x54" is not just a small kiddie pool, that's a tremendous amount of weight. If the area isn't level it may not be flat enough either, not only does the pool need to sit level but the posts need to be all on the same plane. The posts will need a paving stone or board leveled under each one to increase the footprint so they can't sink into the ground. Maybe you can find a more suitable area of your yard, even if it's not the ideal location. If not you'll need to cut the ground down to create one.

Around here there are LOTS of people who could do this kind of work, not just landscapers. Anyone who does concrete work would also have the equipment but they are busy this time of year too. Even many of the lawn mowing services offer a handyman service and do some small landscaping jobs. A couple of the guys at work have their own small tractors, till gardens and do some minor landscaping as a side job in the spring and fall. They get hired to level out several pool sites each year. They advertise in a locally printed exchange type classified, on the local facebook swap pages, at a few of the stores that have bulletin boards and are often recommended to others just by word of mouth. Shouldn't be too hard to locate someone similar in your area. If you are able to do the work you can rent small equipment to do the job yourself and save some money.


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Jun 21, 2016
Just post up on Facebook what you are looking for. Someone with a pc of equipment will probably gladly come for a easy job like that.
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