Number Changes after series of heavy rain storms


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Jul 1, 2010
Orange County, NY
I am looking for some direction as to how to proceed in getting my pool back in balance after several heavy rain storms that dumped a large volume of water and debris into the pool. I have cleaned debris and water is clear but my PH and TA have dropped.

FC - 7
CC - .5
TC - 7.5
PH - 6.8
TA - 60
CYA - 20

Water temp at time of tests - 74 and I am not concerned at this point of CH because I have a vinyl liner so I didn't run that test.

I am learning the pool calculator and it states 74oz of Borax to raise PH and 49oz of Baking Soda to Raise the TA. I just don't know which to do first or if the .5 CC means I should shock first. This is all starting to make a lot of sense to me now. I just need to boost my confidence a little more before I make changes on my own.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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May 7, 2007
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CC at 0.5 or lower is fine. If you are concerned about it, raise the FC level a little higher than usual and that will take care of it.

You should raise the PH first. Raising PH will raise TA just a little, so measure the TA again an hour after raising the PH and see if it still needs adjustment. Keep in mind that the PH test can't read lower than 6.8, so your actual PH might be lower. As with many things, test, adjust, and then test again after an hour to see if it needs further adjustment.

Your CYA level is too low, you should bring it up to around 40 (unless you already added some CYA less than a week ago).

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