Noticing possible corrosion on start-up


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Mar 31, 2008
Central VA
OK I'm back for my second year of BBB (using SWG)...and we uncovered the pool this weekend...looks pretty good!
One thing that I had noticed upon closing the pool was a whitish residue (which I took as corrosion) all over my ladder fittings and rail fittings, and it was very hard to get my ladder and rails out when I closed.
So when I went to start up my pool pump this weekend, it hummed but wouldn't work, as if it was 'stuck.' I took it apart and forced the impeller to move, put it back together and now it works...but there was that whitish residue again, on the bolts that are on the underside of my pool pump.
So I'm thinking the SWG may be producing some corrosion, which I more or less expected. I kept my pool balanced all last season, and kept the salt level where Intellichlor recommended, so I guess this is just something that's unavoidable?
I think maybe when closing this year I'll use the "foam" that is supposed to keep the pump lubricated over the winter, but are there any other in-season 'tricks of the trade' to keep the pump and my other equipment "alive" as long as possible with a SWG?


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May 7, 2007
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The white stuff on the ladder could be corrosion, it could also just be salt and/or calcium that has accumulated from water evaporating. I have always seen a little of that, even before installing my SWG, and a bit more now with the SWG.

But the outside of the pump should not be exposed to very much pool water. Whatever is happening to your pump bolts, it shouldn't be because there is salt in the pool water, unless there is a leak somewhere in that area.


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Oct 12, 2008
Hillsborough, NC
Yeah, that's the same byproduct but a different situation. You probably have a small leak from your pump seal, housing gasket, or discharge.
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