Nothing like “beating a dead horse”... Intex 15’x48” prism legs shifted off pavers and sinking!


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May 28, 2016
Independence, Missouri
Soooo yea... the dreaded REPEATING common issue “Help my legs are sinking!” I’ve been an Intex & Pro Series 15’x48” AGP owner for roughly 10 years! I live in ****... I mean missouri- and take my pool down every year! Ugh 3 years ago... I finally got a brain and built/ crafted a permanent LEVELED OUT AREA WITH PAVERS to prevent the agonizing “leveling the pool EVERY YEAR!” During the off season, I put our trampoline on the circle! THIS YEAR I purchased a brand new Intex 15’x48” prism ultra frame pool - wasn’t impressed with the “upgrades as the legs are skinny and seem weak and the fun 3 outlet Crud but no skimmer seems like a nightmare in the making. Any who- I got the pool set up ON GORILLA PAD and started filling! VERY VERY PLEASED TO SEE IT IS PERFECTLY LEVEL! YAY!
Was so not pleased to see that a few of the stupid T joint pins (THAT I HAD TO PHYSICALLY THREAD THE RUBBER SEAL ONTO EACH INDIVIDUAL ONE BY ONE wtf is up with that?) had popped out of the bottom hole eek! On top of that... I noticed that several of my pool legs had shift INWARD and off of the 12x8x4 retaining wall blocks! In the past the legs have kicked OUTWARD- so I’m caught off guard with the results now that my pool is FILLED! On a good note- the pool is level- but I can only imagine that with the NON STOP RAIN we’ve had and then splashing of pool water, these legs will continue to sink causing an I leveled mess!! THE SINKING LEGS ARE ON THE GORILLA PAD...could this be my saving grace? Do y’all think that will prevent the legs from further sinking OR will it merely rip and ruin my $80 gorilla pad?!



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Jul 10, 2009
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Do you have a picture of the pool filled? Its hard to see where the legs are in the one you posted where it is up but empty.