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Aug 20, 2020
Knoxville, TN
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CircuPool RJ-60
Last night I added 4gal of 10% LC and 4lb stabilizer. Today during the day I added 2gal 10% and 4lb stabilizer. How long will the stabilizer take to show up in testing? CYA tube still showing under 30 but I thought it could take up to a week to see so I'm not planning to add more.

At 9pm tonight my results were:
pH drop test looked in the 7.5 range but the strips I use too have always shown the pool with a low pH so I don't know really
6.0 FC
0.5 CC
275-300 CH
85-90 TA
Added 2.5gal 10% LC, which was probably a little more than necessary but only by a few cups.

We've done some brushing, probably not as much as necessary to really get the spots off. And the Polaris is not working correctly but I didn't get around to fixing that today so it isn't much help.
Looks a lot better. If you put stabilizer in, its in there so don’t worry if the test doesn’t show it yet. It’ll take a few days to show up. Get the FC up to SLAM level for the CYA you added and keep it there.
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