Not new, but back after a few years without a pool... Heya!!


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Jul 16, 2010
Portland, Oregon
So... without going into much detail, my parents passed away and I spent the last 5 years dealing with their massive home and stuff they accumulated there over 38 years. There was no room for a pool, and really no time either. I sold that house early this year and am now renting. Daughter grew from the small one you see in the avatar pic, to a 16yo who wanted her pool back. I broke down and bought at 18x9x52 Intex and it's set up in the yard waiting for her to get back from camp. The boys are 21 and 19 now, and the elder one actually moved out! Granted, I did rent a house without a room for him so... he kinda had to. But he's here a lot. All three kids are coupled up, so at times I actually have 6 kids, ack!

My ex sold my SWG and sand filter, and everything else I had so I've had to begin anew, but it's fine since I would not go back to the SWG ever again. It rusted my pool in the first season and was just a total pain overall. I did have a hot tub at the parent's place, and that was quite an adventure dealing with cracks in the fiberglass and recurrent black algae in said cracks. We finally just gave up about 2y ago. The new owner tore it and all the walls out of the house anyway.

I have a ton of testing reagents for all the things I never really need or use, but am full out of R-0871 so I just ordered a new TF-100 a few days ago. I have SO MANY TA and CH bottles! I think like 4 or 5 of each and a ton of CYA. I don't need CH (ever) since we have super soft water here and I have a vinyl pool. I am fairly sure they still work, although I will test them against fresh reagents when I get a chance before I pass them along to anyone. My DPD powder in the screw top jar turned purplish but appears to still work. The cute jar with the scoop holder did not hold up as well, the powder went black and sticky.

Oh, I've got two pumps and two sand filters. I have the one that came with the new pool (it's tiny!) and also a larger one I picked up used locally. I plan to use both on this pool. I cut a hole and installed a through-wall skimmer and will likely do as I did before, just throw the return over the side and weigh it down. That way I can aerate when needed and also return to the lower portion of the pool as well as up high.

I did make a mistake when setting up the pool, and did not install the leg supports 100% flush with the ground. Not the worst mistake, but it's wrong and the pool has little pockets on the corners. My 19yo worked hard to get the spot perfect, and dumba$$ mom didn't read the instructions properly. We only countersunk the wood 1/2 of what it needed to be. It will work but it ain't right.

So, I guess that's about it. I said I wasn't going into detail but clearly I'm incapable. I'm glad to be back, and hopefully we'll get some sun this year in Portland. The past 5 years have been sweltering in the 90's in early spring and throughout the summer, but not so much this year. It looks like we'll be up to 79-80 this week!


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Jan 17, 2012
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Welcome back :) I bet its nice when all 3 kids and their significant others are all in the house laughing, cracking jokes. Good for ones mental health, I say!

Can't tell how the rest of this summer will be....some places unusually hot, others not so much.

Enjoy the pool!

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