Northern IL - when do you usually open?


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Nov 14, 2015
Chicagoland, IL
I'll be opening my pool this spring, for the first time after our first season last where you all brought me through first time pool owner ship, a SLAM, sparkling water and DIY fall closing.

So, when do you open, if you live in this area?

Not sure when I should expect to be working on this. I tested water temp in the skimmer (our water Level came up since closing), but I'm figuring the 55 degrees there was not necessarily representative of the whole pool.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
No matter where you live, the best time to open is before the water temp gets to be 60. This gives you time to tweak your chemistry before algae gets too warm and active.

When you close we also recommend doing it when the temp hits 60 or lower (assuming you've maintained the pool the entire time and will be closing a clean pool)

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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
Probably mid-April for the best chance at a clear pool absent any other mitigating techniques such as adding Polyquat or some bleach (and circulating). If you have a mesh cover and your water is visible on the cover (due to the raised level you mentioned), that water gets warmed fast and also sees sunlight. It's a strong theory of mine that that can cause algae in pools in spring that would otherwise be clear.