Normal Routines, FC's, CC's

Guys, with a lot of your help, I just got my pool cleaned up and swimmable. Many thanks.

This is my first time owning a pool though so I'm trying to find a routine. I want to test my water late in the evening each day for the FC/CC levels and then add chlorine as needed. The other tests I'll probably do once a week.

My FC last night was 5 which is a little lower than I want it to be with my CYA reading of 60. I'll do a better job as I get into more of a routine. But my CC level was 0.5. My water is more and more clear every day now. Can I expect to see the CC's at that level since we're now using the pool ? Just let the free chlorine do the work ?

I guess my question is -- at what level is it enough that I need to go back and shock the pool again ?

Thanks for your feedback.