Non-Winter, Non-Solar Basic Cover?


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Aug 20, 2019
Hamilton, MI
It sounded simple.... but is proving not to be. All I want is a simple pull over cover for my 18' above ground pool like the one we used to have on our Intex, that I could use in the summer in advance of heavy winds, etc., when the surrounding trees drop a lot of debri in it. Otherwise, I use a solar cover, which I like, but it really doesn't offer protection from leaves, acorns, misc. tree debri, etc., which falls on the solar cover and is washed into the pool by rain... forcing me to vacuum after every storm.

I also have a heavy winter cover, but that's overkill for short term, occasional or overnight use.

The problem is, when I search for above ground covers, all I find are winter covers with the cable and ratchet set-up, or solar covers, no lighter weight basic covers.

Does anyone know who offers a lightweight, drawstring cover like the intex covers that they sell for their temporary pools, but that will fit the wider rails of a "permanent" above ground? Could it be as simple as buying a 20' Intex (or similar) cover meant for one of their pools and would it offer enough extra in size to work in this scenario on an 18' Embassy pool?

Pretty much just looking for input on what others do.....


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Jul 21, 2013
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Sounds like a business opportunity for someone on Etsy.


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Jul 12, 2013
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Buy a micromesh cover. They are great. This is what I have and secure it with spring clamps. Takes 2 minutes

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