Non liner pvc coping?


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Mar 29, 2020
Northwest Florida
I have a 50 year old in ground pool, fiberglass walls, concrete floor. The original coping was cracked and some of the concrete with it. At the time I ought the house (20 years ago), I cut off the existing coping and concrete and tiled to the top. Now I want to pour a new coping and tile underneath. Is there a pvc coping available that is not for liners? My old coping had a slot that sat on top of the wall and the concrete was poured into it. I’m think I may have to build my own removable pvc form or something similar. Thanks for any ideas.



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Aug 10, 2017
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That coping was a standard issue on the hallmark style of pools they are considered a hybrid pool. Somebody still makes them somewhere if you search. I would just use a foam form like bdavis posted there are other brands as well. It's easier to use a precast coping for a DIY job. I stress over poured in place copings and I've done a few. Not easy to get it right even with experience. It's an art
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