Non Chlorine Shock Treatments


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Dec 3, 2014
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I have an indoor endless pool (about 5ft by 15 ft by 8 ft) and I am using a non chlorine shocking treatment but my CC is always high after using the shock... both Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine increase after using the product as well.... which makes no sense to me... I use a taylor test kit... as well my cyanic acid levels are 50ppm even though I don't use stabilized chlorine there is no mention about stabilizing agents in the shock agent but could it be from there?...



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Non-chlorine shock will often show up as CC until it is used up or dissipates, depending on which test kit you are using.

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Mar 28, 2007
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The Cyanuric Acid (CYA) is likely coming from the source of chlorine you are using -- either Trichlor tabs or Dichlor chlorinating granules. As for the non-chlorine shock (potassium monopersulfate), you can get the Taylor K-2042 to remove interference from the non-chlorine shock. If you are properly dosing with chlorine and don't let the CYA get too high, then you may not need to use any non-chlorine shock.