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Apr 26, 2015
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I replaced my Jandy Pro DE Fan filter with a simple lightweight Hayward Swim Clear Model C150S about 18 months back. Has worked flawlessly and far easier to clean. It is a paper cartridge that I replaced about 5 months ago. However, it started making a loud high pitched sound like a router or other power tool or a horn clearly emitting from the filter, not the motor or pump. I can feel the top of the filter vibrating and no vibration from motor or pump the loud sound clearly coming from the top of the filter. I open air release valve at the top of the filter and still have noise.

I removed and cleaned the filter and it looks new and placed it back inside the plastic housing and it worked fine for a day. And then the very loud noise coming from the top of the filter started again. I just took paper filter out completely and sound goes away and pool now running fine with no noise. How can a simple paper cartridge filter make such a loud noise? I am aware the noise should be coming from the motor or the pump and can transmit up to the filter, but this surely seems like the filter itself is making the noise, particularly with the obvious vibration in the top of the filter and not vibration in the pump/motor...if the motor bearings were bad, wouldn't the running motor always make noise? Motor and pump are super quiet with the paper filter taken out of the housing???????

I found several others who complained of filter noise and wondering if some orifice or something just at the right pressure could be acting like an air horn?

Any thoughts? Thanks!


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Mar 2, 2011
I suspect that the sound is probably coming from the inside lip of the cartridge where the the top center part inserts.

If there is a small gap, the water will go through and make a noise.

This is much more likely if the water is going from the inside of the cartridge to the outside due to having the plumbing backwards

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