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May 18, 2007
Enid, Oklahoma

I had been lurking on and was happy to find a link to this forum. It's nice to actually post! I grew up with an IG pool and took care of it when I was a teenager. Last summer I purchased a house with a pool but was only able to use it for about 5 weeks before it turned too cold to swim. I am pretty obsessed with keeping pool water as clear and clean as possible and I consider pool maintenance a pleasure and not a chore. I was never aware of all the finer details of pool chemistry until I started reading I look forward to learning much more. As soon as I get all of the proper test kits I plan on using BBB.



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Apr 15, 2007
Central Texas
Welcome, Nocaster!
"I consider pool maintenance a pleasure and not a chore"
I agree with that! All that $ saved makes it more of a pleasure!
How's the weather in Northern Texas?