no-see-ums-screen-effect-on-water-temp part 2 in FLORIDA mainly but other areas input are welcome also.


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Feb 3, 2020
Largo, FL
There is a small existing thread on this but it is old and I wanted to get more specific input. Does anyone know by how much a screen enclosure in Florida with 20x20 screen affects water temperature? My pool is kind of small 10500 gallons 4 ft shallow, 6 feet deep end and the temp right now in July 91 deg. They are installing a screen next week Phifer Tuff screen no-see-um 18x22 screen comparable to 20x20 screen and I wonder is anyone knows how it affects temperatures in Florida (other places also).
Existing thread - No-See-Ums screen effect on water temp


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Oct 25, 2017
Ocala, FL
I have a solar heater for my pool, and have turned it off for the last week or so, since it was so hot out. I dont know what the temperature of the pool was without the heater, but it was a little bit cooler than it was with the heater on (at 90 degrees). Id guess around 85-87. Im pretty sure the screen has some effect, because I have a walkway next to my pool made out of the same material as the deck around the pool, and the pool area is a shaded color compared to the walkway...if that makes sense to you.


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Dec 13, 2018
Orlando, FL
I have a screen and my temp has been 88-89 for the past week (no heater on). Looking at some other temps of the other members in Florida, it looks like the screen drops the temp a couple of degrees.
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