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May 24, 2011
We are in a extreme drought here in Southern Indiana. It is only June and the grass is dead! Many surrounding communities have issued water conservation orders. Now I know that is is a bad situation and there are worse things to worry about other than my pool...but I am worried about keeping the pool opened. We have had to add a few inches of water every week. The pool is about the only relief we are getting this hot and dry summer. I told my hubby I would sneak the hose out there at night. Seriously we are in the worst drought I have ever seen. We have stocked up on bottled water. If we don't get any relief soon I am afraid the corn crops will be lost and we will all feel the pain. So pray, do a rain dance or both! BTW my pool is so sparklely I got to wear shades :cool:


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Sep 26, 2007
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Can you cover it to keep evaporation to a minimum? I cover mine to keep the heat in but I also lose very little water when covered. Maybe some sort of cover that does not allow the sun through?

Samantha Sabrina

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Apr 11, 2012
Bloomsdale, Mo
Hey randadawn77, :wave:

I know what you mean, our area of MO is also in a "Severe Drought", they were showing it on the weather map the other day.

Crop fields around here are looking bad, our neighbor cuts hay from about every landowner in a 5 mile radius, and he just said it looks like he will only get the first cut he just finished and no more this summer, and the corn crops are looking green but only about half as tall as they should be right now, and our grass, (what little we have left after running the backyard down working back there, lol) is totally dead, (on the bright side we don't have to cut it, lol.

Thankfully our water table is pretty big, we have lived through a few other droughts and so far, (knocking on wood), have not had any problems with the well, and the pond is still full so far.

Everytime they say we are going to get rain here it comes in as one big line, then about 5 miles from us it splits and goes right around us, sighs.

Yes let's all Pray, cross our fingers, toes, eyes, arms, and anything else you can cross, and do a rain dance standing on our head, if you think it will help go for it.

Good luck over you way.


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Apr 4, 2007
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I just saw some corn north of Jasper that is almost completely dead. Temps are forecast near 100 for the next week with no rain in sight. Not looking good around here. My pool is hot enough without the cover. I've been covering during the day to control water loss, then uncovering at night to try to control the temperature.


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Jun 7, 2011
Midland TX
I hear your pleas. Down here in West TX we are on SEVERE restriction in the cities. Home owners are limited to two hours, one day a week hand watering only. Our lakes are lower than ever before with no relief in sight. One city is looking to put in a De-Sal plant to take in brackish and salt water for precessing.

We live out in the country and have a well thank goodness. We pray it holds up. I feel your pain and wish you best of luck.

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