No pressure

Jun 10, 2012
Well, we have the pool water balanced and under control, but it appears we are having pump problems. We have the swim pro voyager filtration system with a Hayward power flo pump. When we started it up, there was water in the Pump basket, but it wasn't full. The pressure reading was close to zero for the first several days it ran, but it was still filtering the water...just not very well? When I vacuumed the first time the pressure got up to about 20psi and I thought maybe it was just really dirty so we shut off the pump, cleaned the cartridge filter (it was absolutely disgusting copper/rust color so we sprayed it off and got it all put back together) and it seemed to be running normally-or how we think it should. About 15 psi and the pump basket was full of water to the top. When we turned it back on again today, zero pressure again! Shouldn't we have pressure? And the pump basket isn't full to the top. I can see the water running in and the pump surges a little raising the psi up a few #s but goes back to zero...

Anyone have any suggestions on what the issue might be? We have cleaned the filter twice and it seems like everything is in working order? The owners manuals aren't very helpful...HELP!!


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May 19, 2010
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Sounds like it is not priming after being turned off (although if the pump is below the water level, I am not sure how that is possible)

Is the water level dropping too much below the skimmer and thus pulling in a lot of air?
Jun 10, 2012
The pool water is a little more than half way up the skimmer...we turned the air relief valve and let it run out thinking we would remove any air if it were trapped, but that didn't seem to change anything either.