No power


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Apr 14, 2017
Hi there! I have no power to my pump or salt cell. I have checked breakers and gfi's. When I reset the breaker I heard a hum from the intermatic timer, but nothing happens when I flip the switch on. I have not tested the actual power to the timer, but wondering if the pump would still turn on manually by the switch if the timer itself was bad. I know this probably seems like a silly question, but I dont want to attempt the replacement of the timer if it seems I may have another issue going on. I know there is power going to the area as I have a plug beneath the breaker that is working by charging my phone.


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Apr 19, 2013
Sacramento, CA
Tell us about your system. Or post some pictures.

What brand and model of pump.

Off the top of my head it's a bad capacitor on the pump.