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Jan 17, 2012
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Llottie, what *is* NoMoreProblems?? Never heard of it or what it is used for, but we almost NEVER suggest using odd and assorted potions in our pools. We're kinda low tech clean freaks and go for the liquid chlorine/bleach care. Maybe a little borax or baking soda now and then...

Ooops- just found this: Polyquat 60 vs (Sodium Bromide))

What are your test results and how did you get them? We need to know:

Have you read this-- It might help you understand how we care for our pools and water.

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No Mor Problems is sodium bromide which, despite what it says on the label, is not an algaecide. It creates bromine when it reacts with chlorine, but if added to a pool with little to no chlorine it will do absolutely nothing to algae. Regular use will build it up in your pool and convert it from a chlorine pool to a bromine pool, which is not good for an outdoor pool. In other words, and forgive me for this joke, using No Mor Problems can end up causing you some major problems...

In addition to Yippee's question, how long have you been using this as an algaecide and how are you chlorinating your pool? This will help us get an idea what is going on.