No flow to my pump


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May 24, 2019
I am new to pool ownership and i am opening the existing pool at our new home. It’s an in ground pool with the pump and filter set about 4 feet higher than the water level of the pool. I have primed the pump and can’t get any flow. I have cleaned the filter, not sure what to do.
-reverse flow valve works
-i confirmed flow by sticking garden hose at reverse flow back towards pool
-there is also flow from filter towards pool
-the pump is a 1.5 hp Hayward and the pool was functional last year
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated



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Jul 7, 2014
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A pool pump is a little like sucking on a straw... If the straw has a hole in the side of the straw you can't suck any liquid out of the glass..

The pump has to create a vacuum so that it can pull water from the pool.. The first place I would look is the O-Ring under the pump lid.. Make sure it is good and has pool lube on it..

I would also look at the check valve as it has O-Rings or seals.. And check the union that is right in front of the pump, it is easy for the internal O-Ring to fall out.


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