No circulation on open

Jul 11, 2015
I have a 18x40 in ground, rectangular SWG pool. I pulled off the cover and found clear water - 56 degrees - with just some pine needles and silt. I ran my Dolphin cleaner a few times, brushed, added chlorine yesterday so I could have it ready for pump and filter today.

I connected my system, put in eyeballs, remove skimmer plugs and every time I fill the pump basket, it pumps for 10 seconds and empties the basket til dry. I have checked all the plugs in the pump basket, the filter, the pump, and all the joints of the PVC pipe, and everything seems tight. I even tried turning off one of my two skimmers, and only using one return of my 4. Also tried using the hose to fill pipes. Nothing works, so there is an air leak somewhere causing the pump to lose pressure.

Any advice on how to find it?

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I have to ask to be sure ... but what about the pump basket drain plug(s)? Installed & Teflon taped or lubed? Pump basket lid O-ring lubed? 3-Way valves open, and water level high enough up the poolside skimmer for good pull? Weir flaps working okay?