No bleach available due to corona virus


Jul 3, 2018
San Antonio /Texas
I can't find unscented iquid bleach with any strength these days due to corona virus. Was considering a temporary use of cal hypo powder or tablets until I can get HDX bleach from Home depot again. What's the best way to disperse the tablets? I do have a higher calcium count. Need input.


Apr 21, 2008
Can't speak for Texas but bleach is hard to come by here in NH as well but lots of the hardware stores here carry "liquid chlorine", which is basically higher concentrated bleach. Can buy it by the case up here with no issue.


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Jan 18, 2018
Menards has/had 12.5 percent on sale for 3.79 + 11% rebate. I have a SWCG, but bought 16 gallons to get us started on the swamp. I may have overbid, but didnt want to run out. I think they had two hundred gallons when it was purchased. Are you really saving any money buying just regular bleach?


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Aug 18, 2015
North Kingstown, RI
Anyone in New England should check out Ocean State Job Lot if you have one handy. Still stocked up on Pool Shock (12.5%), $2.99/gallon. Hasn't been raided for CoronaVirus uses yet, although they JUST put into the flyer this week how to make bleach using Pool Shock, so I'm going to go buy another 8-10 cases to make sure i can get through my full SLAM without worrying about it. (Got 4 cases to start). They're limiting what you can buy for bleach (1 per person), but haven't applied that to the pool shock yet. Thank god, because buying 1 gallon of shock is the same as buying no shock; won't be doing anything but pouring $3 into the pool for fun...