NJ Liner Replacement Questions



Current liner is 28 years old for 16 x 32 partially-buried AG. The liner is still in good shape but I can see metal flakes from the wall behind the liner that will poke through someday. A couple of them look serious and I'm concerned about ice rubbing on them this winter. The outside of the metal pool wall looks fine. The pool walls are only buried about 1' and there is a deep end.

It's a Wilkes pool and liner. The bottom is an 8'+ hopper and the bottom appears to be in very good shape. The walls will need sanding under the liner at the very least, and probably foam applied. Is there something other than foam that should be applied (some other sort of under-liner like plastic wall material)?

Because it's a hopper shape, would this be a custom-made liner? If it is custom-made, how long does it take to get one? Do I have to get a Wilkes liner or can anyone install one?

Any recommendations for installers and what should costs be (assuming that no other work is required than sanding, foam, and liner)?

Should I just wait until the metal pokes through, or should I replace it at the end of this season, or next spring? Thanks!



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Jun 12, 2009
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Post some pictures of your pool. The Wilkes pool's I've seen in our area are made with a kind of safety ledge around the hopper and a bowled bottom. They usually use something called a "liner stretcher" to put the liner into place which basically is metal tubing constructed into a scaffolding shape to hold everything into place. Regardless, you don't need that contraption if you get accurate measurements of the pool. As for the walls I would scrape off the rusty areas and spray paint them and if there are actual holes in the walls you can pop rivet aluminum sheets over the walls and then foam them if you want foam.


Thanks. There's no holes in the walls as they're in good shape on the outside. They apparently are rusting under the liner however. Just thought that there might be something more than just foam to cover the walls with.

You are correct about the hopper -- there is a safety ledge around the hopper; the deepest part of the hopper is only about 4' square.


Sure -- here's a few. Thanks!

Couldn't get a very good pic of the problem. I took pix from above as well as in the water and this is about the best I could get of the worst point sticking out.