Nirvana F140 Heat Pump and Hayward Omnilogic Automation


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Jul 6, 2021
Grafton, MA
i recently completed building a new inground pool and went with an omnilogic automation. I've everything configured on the automation (control of both of my VS pumps, the 4 valve actuators for water features, etc) but the only thing i can't seem to get working is the integration with my Nirvana F140 Heatpump.
There seem to be 3 terminals on the HP for "Remote Controls" per the wiring diagram. Pool - Comm - and Spa, so i wired the 2 wires for the LV1 Heater control for the Omnilogic to the Pool and Comm terminals, and when i set the omnilogic to call for heat i hear the 'Click" of the LV relay but the heat pump doesn't turn on.

Has anyone integrated one of these HPs to an automation controll and have any tips?

I've emailed Nirvana but so far no response :(



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Jul 21, 2013
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Do you have a link to the Nirvana HP Installation Manual or can you post pics of the pages that describe the remote connections?
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