Newly filled inground vinyl pool. Its green now.


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Aug 11, 2018
We recently filled our new vinyl liner pool with well water that was run through our water softener. Due to length of time it took the pool got green with algae. We took a sample to pool store and they had us put in some algaecide which we did. Pool turned a cloudy light aqua color. Ran pump and filter overnight. Than added liquid chlorine and ran pump for 24hrs. We brushed the pool and are vacuuming. Pool is a bit more clear now and lighter green. We just ordered a Taylor test kit but its not here yet. Before we take a sample to the pool store again I want to know what to expect. Would the process involve balancing all levels first and than more liquid chlorine or does the SLAM method take care of balancing and algae? We are still working our way through the pool school articles but this is a bit overwhelming so appreciate any guidance. 25K gal, 20x40 IG vinyl, .85 THP Hayward Max Flo VS pump, glass media filter, Dolphin Natalius CC Plus robot. Just ordered a taylor test kit but its not here yet.
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May 30, 2020
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Until your kit arrives, I wouldn't do anything other than add 5 PPM of bleach/liquid chlorine each day, run the filter, and brush and vacuum/run the robot. Once you have your test results, you'll get a ton of help. SLAM will clear the algae but does not balance.

Also, if you can fill out your signature with pool details and equipment so the helpful folks know what you're working with. Oh and don't buy anything else from the pool store (except for LC if you have to) because it won't help and they will only take your money.
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