Newby w/Plaster or Diamond Brite (Quartz)???


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Sep 6, 2007
I've met w/several pool builders and finally decided on Platinum Pools. Anyway, we will not be going w/pebble tech. My question is are you happy with plaster (white) my PB doesn't do colors because of previous problems or Diamond Brite? My PB said that they have had some problems w/DB and the warranty is poor. It only covers replacing the quartz not the plaster. Anyway, please let me know your opinions or experience w/either of these choices. I am especially interested in others that have had DB for several years. I feel so overwhelmed about the entire pool thing that I am starting to feel like it is going to be a lot of work to have a pool. We have 3 DD and they are busy in sports and dance. My DH is very busy as well and I don't want to add to our stress. Is a pool alot of work or am I just fearful of the unknown? Thanks for your time and expertise!!

Jo -


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Jul 28, 2007
Colored Plaster

JoTX - I can only tell of my experience. I have colored plaster and like the finish but would lose the color if I were doing it again. I have a slate gray, almost black, plaster and it looked beautiful when new, now it is nearly a year old it is really stained, mostly with calcium stains.

I don't know if white plaster is the answer but staying away from colored plaster is a good idea in my mind.

I am a pool newbie too and was worried about the amount of work. I started off on the wrong track but got into BBB in August. For the last 3 months my pool has never looked better.
I probably spend less than 5 mins on a Mon, Wed & Fri to check the pH and Chlorine (probably should do it every day :wink: ) and then about 30 mins on a Saturday to do all the checks, brush the pool, check the equipment, empty the skimmers, etc.

Worst decision I made: Colored plaster & trusting my local pool store :twisted:
Best decision I made: Buying the TF-100 test kit and doing it myself. :-D


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May 30, 2007
South Carolina
Hi JoTx and welcome to TFP :)

We have white plaster and are very happy with it.

You can see lots of pics of different kinds of pools in the "Show off your swimming pool/spa/backyard kitchen" section of the index. Maybe that would help.

I don't know anything about going thru a pool build, but lots of folks here know all about it. They will probably chime in after passing out the Halloween candy! But, from what I've read,..... seems to be exciting and stressful.

As far as our 'maintenance', we probably average five minutes a day. Good luck. 8)

btw, ditto on Matj's comment on the TFP water test kit!